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Update 011221:  We want to thank all those who have shared stories and pictures.  We will have more details regarding a memorial wake in Mount Shasta, CA.  Current working date is 24 July 2021 (subject to change).  Details in future updates.  It'll be a party he'd have enjoyed with more than a few memorial rides around the area. 

Original text:   If you found this memorial site, then you know Jared -- and if you know Jared, then what else can we say?  Jared lived more in 43 years than most do in 83 or even 183.   If he was a horse we might say life rode him hard and put him away wet. If he was a Harley we might say life rode him like it stole him.  Whatever the metaphor, all those that know him realize he was consumed, not by the years, but by the mileage.  His parents recall him as a generous child, likely to get into scrapes and challenge authority while still announcing at the age of 9 that his father never had to mow the lawn or do yard work again, he would take over all those duties.  (Dad: "and I mowed nary a lawn from that day forward.")  

He had on-again, off-again, up-again, down-again relationships with his siblings (2 brothers and 3 sisters), but never devoid of love -- and chasms were crossed as he matured in a manner which found him closer to many family members than ever before at his passing. 

He had dear friends and upon his passing, wishes of love came in from Indiana, Finland, Belgium, Norway and thoughout the U.S.  His dearest friend held his hand as he rode off on his -- at least THIS world's -- last great road trip.  

He dearly loved his wife and children.  He had a unique relationship with each and maximized that relationship in many special ways, but one constant was always to find a way to share an adventure with them.  They traveled, sometimes in a pack and sometimes one-by-one on the back of his Harley,  Together they rode horseback in Brown County, they visited National Parks, they explored New York City, Chicago and San Francisco,  they toured Niagra Falls, they crosssed the country many times and knew both coasts.  In California they saw it all from the deserts to the mountains to the big cities to the redwoods and many nooks and crannies unkown to the usual tourist. 

We rest assured he is planning another adventure for them.

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