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Download Garten of Banban for Android: The Best Horror Game of 2023

How to Download Garten of Banban for Android

If you are looking for a fun and scary adventure game that will keep you on your toes, then you should check out Garten of Banban, a colorful and creepy first person horror game set in a kindergarten where everybody mysteriously vanished one day. In this article, we will tell you what Garten of Banban is all about, why you should play it, and how to download it for your Android device.

download garten of banban for android

What is Garten of Banban?

Garten of Banban is a horror game developed by Euphoric Brothers, a indie studio based in South Korea. The game was released on Steam in January 2023, and later on Google Play Store in June 2023. The game has received mixed reviews from critics and players alike, but it has also gained a cult following among horror fans who appreciate its originality and charm.

The game follows the story of a curious explorer who decides to investigate a once popular kindergarten that was closed down when everybody mysteriously disappeared one day. The kindergarten is called Banban's Kindergarten, and it is known for its cute and friendly mascots called The Banban And Friends Gang. However, as soon as you enter the place, you realize that something is very wrong, and that you are not alone...

The Banban And Friends Gang

The Banban And Friends Gang are the establishment's mascots and icons, who have earned a special place in every kid's heart. They are colorful and cheerful characters who are supposed to make children happy and entertained. However, in Garten of Banban, they are anything but friendly. They are twisted and corrupted versions of themselves, who will try to kill you or drive you insane.

The gang consists of four members:

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  • Banban: The leader of the gang, and the main mascot of the kindergarten. He is a yellow bear with a red bow tie and a big smile. He is supposed to be friendly and helpful, but in the game, he is sadistic and cunning. He will stalk you throughout the game, and try to trap you or lure you into danger.

  • Chuchu: The second-in-command of the gang, and Banban's best friend. He is a blue rabbit with long ears and a green scarf. He is supposed to be cheerful and energetic, but in the game, he is hyperactive and violent. He will chase you with a chainsaw or a hammer, and try to slash you or smash you.

  • Lala: The only female member of the gang, and Banban's love interest. She is a pink cat with a purple bow and a sweet voice. She is supposed to be cute and gentle, but in the game, she is creepy and manipulative. She will appear as a ghostly figure or a voice in your head, and try to scare you or confuse you.

  • Pipi: The youngest member of the gang, and Banban's little brother. He is a green frog with a yellow hat and a squeaky voice. He is supposed to be innocent and playful, but in the game, he is malicious and sneaky. He will hide in dark corners or behind objects, and try to surprise you or sabotage you.

Banban's Kindergarten, the dream place of every child

Banban's Kindergarten is the setting of the game, and it is a huge and colorful place that was designed to be the dream place of every child. It has various rooms and facilities that cater to different interests and hobbies, such as art, music, sports, science, and more. It also has a playground, a cafeteria, a library, and a nursery. However, in the game, all these places are abandoned and decayed, and they hide many secrets and dangers.

The game's plot revolves around the mystery of what happened to Banban's Kindergarten, and why everybody disappeared one day. As you explore the place, you will find clues and hints that will reveal the dark truth behind the kindergarten's history, and the fate of its staff and students. You will also learn more about Banban and his friends, and their connection to the events that occurred.

Explore with your flying companion

Garten of Banban has a unique feature that sets it apart from other horror games: a flying companion that helps you navigate and survive. This companion is a drone that you can control with your smartphone, which acts as your camera and flashlight. The drone can fly around the kindergarten, scout ahead for enemies or items, distract or attack foes, illuminate dark areas, take pictures or videos, and communicate with you.

The drone is your only ally in the game, and it can save your life in many situations. However, it also has its limitations: it has a limited battery life that needs to be recharged at certain points; it can be damaged or destroyed by enemies or obstacles; it can lose signal or malfunction in some areas; and it can attract unwanted attention if used carelessly. Therefore, you need to use your drone wisely and strategically. Why should you play Garten of Banban?

Garten of Banban is not just another horror game that tries to scare you with cheap tricks and clichés. It is a game that offers a lot of benefits and advantages that make it worth playing and enjoying. Here are some of the reasons why you should play Garten of Banban:

Stunning visuals and sound effects

Garten of Banban has amazing graphics and sound quality that rival some of the best games in the market. The game uses the Unreal Engine 4, which is a powerful and advanced game engine that can create realistic and immersive environments and characters. The game also has a dynamic lighting and shadow system, which adds to the atmosphere and mood of the game.

The game's sound effects are also impressive and realistic, as they use the Dolby Atmos technology, which is a surround sound system that can create a 3D audio experience. The game's soundtrack is composed by Lee Seung-hwan, a famous Korean musician who has created many hit songs and albums. The game's voice acting is also done by professional actors who deliver their lines with emotion and expression.

Creepy and immersive atmosphere

Garten of Banban is a game that will make you feel like you are really inside a haunted kindergarten, where anything can happen at any moment. The game has a creepy and immersive atmosphere that will keep you on edge and tense throughout the game. The game has many horror elements that will challenge your nerves and senses, such as jump scares, puzzles, enemies, and secrets.

The game's enemies are not just mindless zombies or monsters that you can easily kill or avoid. They are intelligent and unpredictable foes that have their own personalities and behaviors. They can hide, ambush, chase, taunt, or trick you, depending on their mood and situation. They can also react to your actions and choices, making the game more dynamic and interactive.

The game's secrets are not just optional collectibles or easter eggs that you can ignore or miss. They are important clues and hints that will help you solve the mystery of the kindergarten, and unlock different endings and outcomes. They can also change the course of the game, making it more varied and replayable.

High replay value and multiple endings

Garten of Banban is a game that you can play more than once, and still enjoy it as much as the first time. The game has a high replay value, as it offers multiple endings and outcomes that depend on your actions and choices throughout the game. The game has a branching path system, which means that every decision you make will have consequences and effects on the game's story and characters.

The game has four main endings: Happy Ending, Sad Ending, Bad Ending, and True Ending. Each ending has different scenes and dialogues that will reveal more information about the kindergarten's history, Banban's motives, your character's fate, and more. Each ending also has different requirements and conditions that you need to meet in order to achieve it. For example, to get the True Ending, you need to find all the secrets

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