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Fidget Spinner Tricks: Learn How to Spin Like a Pro

Fidget Spinner: What Is It and Why Is It So Popular?

If you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you might not have heard of the fidget spinner. But chances are, you have seen one in action, either in person or on social media. The fidget spinner is a small device that consists of a central bearing and three or more blades that spin around it. It is designed to be held between the fingers and spun with a flick of the wrist or finger. The fidget spinner is one of the most popular toys in recent history, and has been praised for its ability to relieve stress, anxiety, boredom, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But what exactly is a fidget spinner, how does it work, and why is it so popular? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.


What is a fidget spinner?

A fidget spinner is a type of toy that can be spun between the fingers. It typically consists of a central bearing and three or more blades that radiate from it. The blades can be made of various materials, such as plastic, metal, wood, or rubber. The central bearing can also vary in quality and smoothness, affecting the speed and duration of the spin. Some fidget spinners also have additional features, such as LED lights, magnets, or buttons.

fidget spinner

How does it work?

A fidget spinner works by using the principle of conservation of angular momentum. When you spin the device, you apply a torque (a force that causes rotation) to the central bearing. This causes the blades to rotate around the bearing at a high speed. The faster you spin the device, the more angular momentum it has. Angular momentum is conserved, meaning that it cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred. Therefore, when you try to stop the device by applying an opposite torque, such as by touching one of the blades, the device resists your force and continues to spin. This creates a satisfying sensation of spinning something that seems to defy gravity.

What are the benefits of using a fidget spinner?

Many people claim that using a fidget spinner has various benefits for their mental and physical health. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety: Spinning a fidget spinner can provide a distraction from negative thoughts and emotions, as well as create a calming effect through rhythmic movement and sound.

  • Improving focus and concentration: Spinning a fidget spinner can help people with ADHD or other attention disorders to channel their excess energy and stay on task.

  • Enhancing creativity and productivity: Spinning a fidget spinner can stimulate the brain and foster new ideas and solutions.

  • Relieving boredom and restlessness: Spinning a fidget spinner can provide entertainment and fun for people who are bored or restless.

  • Increasing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills: Spinning a fidget spinner can improve the coordination and dexterity of the fingers and hands.

History of Fidget Spinners

Who invented the fidget spinner?

The origin of the fidget spinner is somewhat unclear, as there are different claims and versions of its invention. However, one of the most widely accepted stories is that it was invented by Catherine Hettinger, an American engineer and inventor, in 1993. Hettinger said that she came up with the idea after visiting her sister in Israel, where she saw children throwing rocks at police officers during an uprising. She wanted to create something that would distract them from violence and calm them down. She filed a patent for a "spinning toy" in 1997, which described a device that could be spun between the fingers or on a flat surface. However, she could not afford to renew the patent in 2005, and it expired. She did not receive any royalties or recognition for her invention.

How did it become a viral sensation?

The fidget spinner did not become popular until 2016, when several companies started to manufacture and market it as a stress-relieving toy. The fidget spinner quickly gained popularity among children, teenagers, and adults, who bought it online or in stores. The fidget spinner also became a viral phenomenon on social media, where people posted videos of themselves spinning the device or doing tricks with it. Some celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and Jimmy Fallon, also joined the craze and showed off their fidget spinners. By 2017, the fidget spinner was one of the best-selling toys in the world, with millions of units sold.

What are the different types of fidget spinners?

There are many different types of fidget spinners available in the market, with varying shapes, sizes, colors, and features. Some of the most common types are:




The most basic and common type of fidget spinner, with three blades and a central bearing.


A type of fidget spinner with two blades and a central bearing.


A type of fidget spinner with four blades and a central bearing.


A type of fidget spinner with more than four blades and a central bearing.

Metal spinner

A type of fidget spinner made of metal, such as brass, copper, steel, or titanium.

LED spinner

A type of fidget spinner that has LED lights on the blades or the bearing that light up when spun.

Magnetic spinner

A type of fidget spinner that has magnets on the blades or the bearing that can attract or repel each other.

Bluetooth spinner

A type of fidget spinner that can connect to a smartphone or a speaker via Bluetooth and play music or sounds when spun.

How to Use a Fidget Spinner

How to hold a fidget spinner?

The most common way to hold a fidget spinner is to use your thumb and index finger to grip the central bearing. You can also use your middle finger or ring finger to hold the bearing, depending on your preference and comfort. Make sure that your fingers are not touching the blades, as this will slow down the spin and reduce the fun.

How to spin a fidget spinner?

The most common way to spin a fidget spinner is to use your other hand to flick one of the blades with your finger. You can also use your thumb or wrist to flick the blade, depending on your preference and skill. The harder you flick the blade, the faster and longer the spin will be. You can also try to spin the device with one hand, by using your thumb or finger to flick the blade while holding the bearing. This requires more practice and coordination, but can be more satisfying and impressive.

How to do tricks with a fidget spinner?

Once you master the basic spinning of a fidget spinner, you can try to do some tricks with it. Some of the most popular tricks are:

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  • Toss and catch: Spin the device and toss it in the air, then catch it with the same hand or the other hand.

  • Transfer: Spin the device and transfer it from one hand to the other, either by passing it through the air or by sliding it along your fingers.

  • Bounce: Spin the device and bounce it off a hard surface, such as a table or a wall, then catch it with your hand.

  • Balance: Spin the device and balance it on your finger, nose, forehead, or any other body part.

Stack: Spin two or more devi

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