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Flying Leathernecks YIFY

Father Chief Warrant Officer, 3 Tour Vietnam War U.S. Army Aviator Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing (Helicopter) Instrument Rated, Instructor Pilot, Examiner, found out later he also flew Fixed Wing Aircraft for the CIA. He constantly taught me to fly Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing.He was one of the Creators of Nap of the Earth, NOE, and trained U.S. Army Aviators Republic of South Vietnam to do NOE.Age 18 Graduated from Deutsch Gymnasium (High School), Deutsch Technical University, Department of Defense Schools High School Reserve Officer Training Corps, Got "Drafted" Vietnam War, Military Occupational Skill 13 Field Artillery, told I Volunteered to be a U.S. Army Special Forces Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol.Eventually ended up as a U.S. Army Special Forces Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol.Platoon Sergeant Age 19. Five Squads of 12, Two UH-1A Gunships (Four Aviators, Two Crew Chiefs), Two UH-1 B (old from the 1960s) Cargo and Passenger (Four Aviators, Two Crew Chief, Four Door Gunners), 1 Fuel Tanker.Found out the Assigned U.S. Army Aviator were trained by my Father. Because the Platoon Leader "Lieutenant" hid in his Bunker the entire Tour, I was doing his Platoon Leader Job, including Admin, Awards and Decorations, Article 15s and UCMJ, Logistic Coordination (Food, Water, Fuel, Ammunition), Detail and Duty Rosters, etc..Everybody, even Airmobile, Today's Air Assault, were doing NOE, as if you flew over 100 meters you would be seen for Kilometers and shot down by 23mm or 57mm anti aircraft full automatic cannons, and or a Anti Aircraft Missile would go up your tail pipe.Was Routine for my U.S. Army Aviators to fly NOE, 40 meters above Rice Patties, 10 meters about tree tops, they did as my Father taught them to do.After the Vietnam War, College, University Reserve Officers Training Corps, my Father was still trying to teach me to learn to Fly, this time UH-60 Blackhawks.Assigned Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Europe, Transportation of Nuclear Weapons by CH 47, over 130 Mission (To and From equals one Mission), 3 Crashes everybody not injured. Got some "Stick Time" flying CH 47s.Commissioned Assigned to Federal Republic of West Germany. What I noticed was how the Attack Helicopter 64s were being Used. OH-58 Reconnaissance would fly above the trees and climb, the AH-64s would hover behind the rows of trees out of sight, after the OH-58 found a target the AH 64s would go straight up and fire. When they did not have OH 58s, a AH 64 would slowly rise until front seat could see the open fields to the next rows of trees. When they moved, the used NOE, as not to be detected by Radar or risk being seen and shot down.1982 to 1983 Got sent as a U.S. Army Special Forces Officer to the 1980 (1979) to 1989 (1990) Iran Iraq Wars, ended up in command of a U.S. Ally Iraqis Combat Brigade over 100,000. with the other 3 U.S. Ally Iraqis Combat Brigades North of Baghdad Iraq Also Commanded by U.S. Army Special Forces ODA Team Leaders, the Battalions were Commanded by ODA Team Members. 1983 to 1984 sent to CIA Operation Cyclone. As to how long I have been involved with Iraq and Afghanistan.Returned to Federal Republic of West Germany, sent to Officer's Advanced Course, Masters of Science Degree.Combined Arms Services Staff School, Command And General Staff College, Kansas.1989 UN Observer Kuwait. 1990 to 1991 Persian Gulf War as a U.S. Army Special Forces Officer from Kuwait to Baghdad as Strategic Special Reconnaissance, once again the U.S. Army Rotary Wing Aviators were using NOE. The AH 64s when moving used NOE, with a OH 58 in front of them flying at over 100 meters to "draw enemy fire", the AH 64s were radioed and "dusted" the enemy, they (AH 64s and U.S.A.F. A-10s) not the General Schwarzkopf Armor (Tanks) were killing Iraqis Armor, Mechanized Infantry, etc..1993 President Clinton's Operation Continue Hope failed and turned into Battle of Mogadishu.1993 to 2001 President Clinton's Illegal Unfunded Wars against Muslim Nations, 1998 we were denounced by President Clinton, and had to escape from Baghdad Iraq to U.S. Ally Syria (the U.S.A.F. Airstrikes were from Syria). As Team Leader decision was made "Acquire" a Iraqis Aircraft, fly from Baghdad Iraq to U.S. Ally Syria. I was the Co Pilot and Navigator, Team Member from Alaska learned to fly since teen was Pilot. 1998 President Clinton Declared War Against U.S. Ally Iraq, Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, to stop his Impeachment because he previously Violate U.S. Senate Law 1973 War Powers Resolution, and U.S. House of Representatives Law 1973 War Powers Act, that removed the President's War Powers, to order Us to do what we were doing that caused the Revenge attacks of Osama Bin Laden.2001 Volunteered to attempt President Bush's CIA Operation Neptune Spear, this failed. Mission Changed, Overthrow the 5 Million Pro U.S.S.R. Afghan Government and Pro U.S.S.R. Afghan Military that had become the Afghan Taliban, VERSUS, 336 of Us and 150,000 of our previous CIA Operation Cyclone Pro U.S. Afghan Muhajeen that had become the Northern Alliance. "Air Power" especially Close Air Support was critical, to kill the Huge Numbers of Afghan Taliban Conventional Warfare Army's Tanks, Mechanized Infantry Vehicles, etc.. We forced them to flee West then North to the Old Silk Road North of Iran, to Northern Iraq..2001 Operation Viking Hammer, Us, the U.S. Army's 10th Special Forces Group, U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division, U.S. Air Force Special Operations Wings, Elimination of Muslim Army, of Osama Bin Laden, Al Quada, about 4 Million Afghan Taliban, Million Muslims from Training Camps Afghanistan, and 30 Million Kurds as allies of Osama Bin Laden. Failed Iran gave them Muslim Sanctuary, Osama Bin Laden, Al Quada, Afghan Taliban when thru Iran and got back to Afghanistan.We were the First at Iraq. BEFORE "THE TIP OF THE SPEAR".2002 to 2003 U.S. Military Operation Hotel California, the Strategic Feint to make the Iraqis believe the Main United Nations Coalition Attacks of President Clinton's Declared War, Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, U.S. Senate Law, 2002 Iraq War Resolution, would come from U.S. Ally Turkey so that the Iraqis would move their 13 Iraqis Divisions from their Southern Defenses at the Borders of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. We, the U.S. Army's 10th Special Forces Group, 173rd Airborne, U.S. Air Force Special Operations Wings, U.S. Army's Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR). destroyed 5 Iraqis Combat Divisions north of Baghdad Iraq, the Iraqis panicked, ordered their 13 Iraqis Divisions from their Southern Border Defenses to North Of Baghdad to fight Us, we were within visual range of Baghdad. After the Iraqis removed their Southern Defenses of 13 Divisions, 2003 Liberation of Iraq started in accordance with President Clinton's U.S. Law, Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, "Overthrow Iraqis President Saddam Hussein, Liberate the Iraqis People, Install a Democracy". U.S. Senate Law 2002 Iraq War Resolution demanded Bush Accomplish Clinton's Declared War and was identical to President Clinton's 1998 Law so that President Bush could not Veto, both U.S. Laws.Finally, went to and graduated from U.S. Army Aviation School, Rotary Wing and Fixed Wing. Fort Rucker Alabama, surrounded by "Dry Counties" (No Alcohol) Daleville, Ozark, Enterprise. War College. Returned to Afghanistan 2005 to ?????. Got lots of "Stick Time" flying, my Joint Services Special Warfare Task Force Support Aviation of the U.S. Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment's Helicopters. Deployed to A (Afghanistan) to Z (Zimbabwe), and most Nations in between A to Z. Camp Leatherneck and British Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, got to fly an AH 64, and a U.S.A.F. MV 22 from Afghanistan to Egypt, U.S.A.F. Pilot let me do that from Co Pilot's seat.Question I never got answered WHY doesn't the U.S. Army's Conventional Warfare Aviation have Mid Air Refueling like the U.S. Army's 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment has?

Flying Leathernecks YIFY

This was directed by William Wyler and narrated by Robert Taylor (LT, USNR). It's an effective color film of some of the battles in which the carrier Enterprise was involved up to and including much of 1944.For those familiar with the historical setting, some of it may be rudimentary. Reserve officers are known as "ninety-day wonder" and gossip is called "scuttlebutt." And some of the gun camera footage will be familiar, but much of it is new, at least to me. The newer footage isn't as good as the rest, which, I suppose, is why it's less often borrowed for use in other documentaries and in feature films like "Flying Leathernecks." Some footage of crashes on the flight deck have been borrowed and used repeatedly in other films. It's an hour long and it covers three main battles of increasing intensity: a raid on Makin Island, the pre-invasion preparation of Kwajalein, and the battle of the Phillipine Sea. The last is generally referred to as "the Marianas turkey shoot," in that we lost some twenty-two airplanes compared to the Japanese three hundred and some. No mention of the airplanes lost while returning in darkness, or of Mitscher exposing his fleet by having the ships turn on their searchlights to guide the lost aircraft home. And the Japanese flyers are described as believing that aerobatics can save them whereas our aviators believe in smooth flying and straight shooting. The fact is that by this time most of the seasoned Japanese pilots had been lost and their airplanes were now flown by novices with far less flight time and training than our own. Not to mention that the Zero had about half the horsepower of the American fighters and were forced to rely mainly on the maneuverability of their aircraft.The narration is reasonably accurate. When Lt. Taylor tells us that a destroyer is being strafed, we don't see some lowly trawler getting the business. He explains what a gun camera is and introduces us to the various duties of the crew as well as the aviators.Between and before engagements there are the usual formulaic scenes of men receiving mail, baking bread, playing acey ducey, being bored, attending religious services, chowing down, and so forth.World War II was not a war of choice. We were at peace when we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. Three days later, Hitler declared war on the United States. And this is a flag waver designed to boost morale at home and in the Armed Forces. And yet, at a remove of some seventy years, there's still something disturbing about the way Robert Taylor's voice conveys his contempt for the enemy. It's not just that he, or rather the writer, calls them "monkeys" but it's in the other, more subtle ways, in which the "Japs" are dehumanized. "That's one Jap ship that won't be taking more rice and saki to the soldiers". And "when our planes left, Kwajalein was burning verrry satisfactorily." And, "There's something grand about boring down on the base the Japanese have so jealously guarded." "That Mavis is a tough old bird," as ten men die a flaming death.No blame attaches to Taylor, the writer or director, and certainly not to the men, some of whom we get to know before they are lost in action. The movie did its job in its time and is still a fascinating picture of a ship at war. The sad thing is not the movie or the ship but war itself, so heroic and so foolish. 041b061a72

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