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Download ChessOK Aquarium 2021 and Enjoy Advanced Features, Games, and Databases

ChessOK Aquarium 2021: A Powerful Chess Analysis and Playing Tool

If you are looking for a chess software that can help you take your game to the next level, you should definitely check out ChessOK Aquarium 2021. This is a revolutionary analysis, database, and chess publishing tool that is fully compatible with the world's strongest chess engine, Houdini 3. ChessOK Aquarium 2021 combines an easy-to-navigate interface with advanced analysis functions, game commenting, searching, powerful chess trees, playing against the computer, databases, advanced publishing options, and many other features. One of its unique features, Interactive Deep Analysis, is the most advanced chess analysis method available today. Its completely new approach makes it an essential weapon in the arsenal of every serious player and analyst!

chessok aquarium 2021 download

In this article, we will show you how to download ChessOK Aquarium 2021, how to use its various functions, and how it can benefit your chess skills. Whether you are a beginner or a master, ChessOK Aquarium 2021 will help you improve your chess understanding, strategy, tactics, and endgame skills. It will also help you prepare for tournaments, study openings, and learn from the best players in history. And most importantly, it will make chess more fun, engaging, and challenging for you!

How to Download ChessOK Aquarium 2021

Downloading ChessOK Aquarium 2021 is very easy and fast. You can find the download link on the official website of ChessOK: [9]( The price of ChessOK Aquarium 2021 is $35.95 USD. You can pay with PayPal or credit card. Once you complete your payment, you will receive an email with your product key and instructions on how to activate your subscription.

The system requirements for ChessOK Aquarium 2021 are: PC, 256 MB RAM, 4 GB free disk space, Windows 10/8/7/Vista. To install ChessOK Aquarium 2021, you just need to run the setup file and follow the steps. You can also choose your preferred language from English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, or Russian.

How to Use ChessOK Aquarium 2021

Using ChessOK Aquarium 2021 is very intuitive and user-friendly. You can access all the functions from the ribbon menu at the top of the screen. You can also customize the settings according to your preferences. Here are some of the main functions that you can use with ChessOK Aquarium 2021:

How to Use the Advanced Analysis Functions

ChessOK Aquarium 2021 offers advanced analysis functions that can help you evaluate any position or game with accuracy and depth. You can use these functions to find the best moves, discover mistakes, learn from your own or others' games, or explore new ideas. Some of the most powerful analysis functions are:

  • Interactive Deep Analysis (IDeA): This is a unique feature that allows you to analyze any position or game interactively. You can start, stop, resume, or cancel the analysis at any time. You can also add your own moves, evaluations, or comments to the analysis tree. IDeA will automatically expand the most promising lines and prune the irrelevant ones. You can also use the Aquarium's graphical tools to visualize the analysis results and compare different variations. IDeA is the most advanced chess analysis method available today and it can help you discover new ideas and improve your chess intuition.

  • Infinite Analysis Trees: This is a feature that allows you to create multiple analysis trees for different positions or games. You can switch between them easily and compare the results. You can also merge or split the trees as you wish. Infinite Analysis Trees are useful for studying complex positions or openings, or for preparing against specific opponents.

  • Find Blunders: This is a feature that allows you to quickly find and correct the mistakes in your games or in any PGN file. You can set the parameters for the blunder detection, such as the engine, the time per move, the evaluation threshold, and the move color. Find Blunders will highlight the moves that are considered blunders and suggest better alternatives. You can also use this feature to check your homework or to improve your tactical skills.

  • Game Analysis: This is a feature that allows you to automatically analyze any game or PGN file with a chess engine. You can choose from different analysis modes, such as Full Analysis, Quick Analysis, or Custom Analysis. Game Analysis will provide you with a detailed report that includes the moves, evaluations, variations, comments, statistics, graphs, and diagrams. You can also export the analysis results to HTML, PDF, RTF, or PGN formats.

How to Play Against the Computer or Online Opponents

ChessOK Aquarium 2021 allows you to play against the computer or online opponents with different levels of difficulty and handicap options. You can choose from several chess engines, such as Houdini 3, Rybka 4, Stockfish 13, Komodo 14, or Fritz 17. You can also adjust the engine strength, time control, opening book, tablebase, and other settings. You can also use the ChessOK Playing Zone to play online against other players from around the world. You can join tournaments, chat with other players, watch live games, or review your games history.

How to Access the Huge Database of Games and the Lomonosov Tablebase

ChessOK Aquarium 2021 comes with a huge database of games that contains over 8 million games from 1560 to 2021. You can search the database by various criteria, such as player name, ECO code, position, result, year, rating, etc. You can also filter the games by opening name, novelty, annotator, material balance, pawn structure, etc. You can also use the database to study openings, middlegames, endgames, or specific themes. You can also add your own games or import games from PGN files.

Another amazing feature of ChessOK Aquarium 2021 is the Lomonosov Tablebase. This is a collection of endgame positions with 7 pieces or less that contains all possible moves and evaluations for each position. The Lomonosov Tablebase is based on a supercomputer calculation that took over 100 years of CPU time. It is considered the ultimate source of endgame knowledge and it can help you solve any endgame position with perfect accuracy.

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How to Use the Publishing Options and Create Interactive Books, Web Pages, or Printouts

ChessOK Aquarium 2021 also offers various publishing options that allow you to create interactive books, web pages, or printouts of your games, analysis, or studies. You can use the Aquarium's built-in editor to format your text, add diagrams, comments, variations, symbols, colors, etc. You can also use the Aquarium's graphical tools to create arrows, squares, circles, or other annotations on the board. You can also insert multimedia elements, such as audio, video, or images.

Some of the publishing options that you can use with ChessOK Aquarium 2021 are:

  • Interactive Book: This is a feature that allows you to create an interactive book that can be viewed and played in ChessOK Aquarium 2021 or in any web browser. You can create your own book or convert any PGN file into an interactive book. You can also add exercises, quizzes, tests, or puzzles to your book. You can also use the Aquarium's online service to share your book with other users or download books created by other users.

  • Web Page: This is a feature that allows you to create a web page that contains your games, analysis, or studies. You can choose from different templates and customize the appearance and functionality of your web page. You can also use the Aquarium's online service to upload your web page to the internet or download web pages created by other users.

Printout: This is a feature that allows you to create a printout of your games, analysis,

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