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Healthy Breakfast To Buy On The Go

Need a healthy breakfast on the go? Who doesn't? We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but whoever said that must not have been thinking about how mornings are also the busiest time of the day. Put those together, and you have a dilemma.

healthy breakfast to buy on the go

Sure, you can solve this problem by meal prepping breakfasts or even opting to make three-ingredient breakfast recipes, but those still take more time than some of us have. So, what's the solution? Simple: stock up on these healthy breakfasts you can just grab and go.

From frozen breakfast burritos to fiber-rich oatmeal cups to sippable smoothies, we have something on this list for all your healthy breakfast on the go needs. And if you do have some time to cook, you can always take a peek at our 35+ Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas.

Tide yourself over until lunch with a KIND Breakfast bar. Each perfectly-portioned oat-based bar features 20 grams of whole grains plus the powerful trio of healthy fats, fiber, and protein for sustained energy all morning.

Craving bacon and eggs but don't want to go through all the trouble of bringing out the frying pan? (Seriously, who has time for that on work days?) Your classic breakfast needs can now be satisfied with this all-in-one bar from Epic Provisions, which features egg yolks, bacon, pork, and a touch of maple sugar.

Yes, there are even healthy breakfast on the go options for Keto dieters! Red's makes a breadless breakfast with two cage-free eggs as the "buns" that sandwich a chicken apple sausage patty. For 5 grams of net carbs and a fraction of the sodium as other breakfast options, this is a homerun.

Looking to mend your gut? An imbalance in the bacterial profile of your gut can cause all issues from inflammation to weight gain, to clouded thinking. Instead of taking a probiotic supplement, just pick a better bar (which just happens to be the perfect healthy breakfast on the go). CORE's Overnight Oat bar features both the probiotics that can boost the good bacteria in your gut as well as the prebiotics that give those probiotics the fuel to do so.

Skip your Starbucks run. While there are healthy drinks at Starbucks, the coffee chain is notorious for serving up coffee drinks with more sugar than a soda. Instead of that Frapp, pick up a bottle of Koia's plant-based coffee drink. With 9 grams of protein and 7 grams of energy-boosting MCT oil from coconut, you'll stay energized and full all morning.

Daiya's breakfast burritos are 100% plant-based and 100% vegan. So that meat, eggs, and cheese you see? Those are actually meatless beef-style crumbles, egg-style scramble, and cheddar-style shreds. It's a plant-based home run!

(You can also check out my 5 easy make-ahead egg breakfasts if you're an egg lover like me! And if you like the portable part, see these 25 ideas for folded wraps that you can make and take with you, everything from breakfast to lunch to snack to dessert.)

Don't worry, we're also not doing all carb-loaded muffins and toasts. (Though we have some of those, to be sure!) This list also includes some high protein breakfast ideas that will help give you plenty of energy to tackle your day.

Many frozen breakfast sandwiches, burritos, pancakes, and waffles can contain too much of these components. You may also want to limit options that are primarily refined carbohydrates like pastries, donuts, and many muffins as they are less likely to provide sustained energy, and you may end up feeling hungry again soon after eating.

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When there's only one serving left in your favorite peanut butter/almond butter/jam jar (Kath says that SunButter is her favorite), fill it with these overnight oats. Then in the morning, you can take the jar with you, eat a delicious breakfast, and recycle. Recipe here.

Gina's blog is a great place to find easy, filling recipes that can be eaten quickly/on the go (she has a 2-year-old daughter, so, you know...). This one is a healthy oatmeal cookie, with plenty of nut butter added to keep you full until lunch. Recipe here.

Admittedly not for the faint of heart, Angela's cracker-like "chia bread" is a great thing to make on a Sunday afternoon, then eat for breakfast all week, slathered with peanut butter, jam, or cream cheese (if you're not vegan). Recipe here.

Baked oatmeal, in its most basic form, is great cut into squares and used as a vehicle for your favorite breakfast spreads (pictured here is Angela's sunflower seed butter and jam sandwich). Recipe here.

OK, so maybe it would be hard to eat this in the car or on the subway. But, Melanie's idea to stuff a baked sweet potato with breakfast staples is genius, and easy enough to pack up in a tupperware to eat when you get to the office. Recipe here.

The ingredients in Sébastien's baked eggs aren't exactly novel (mushrooms, chives, onion, and a little bit of bacon), but baking them in a jar means that instead of wolfing them down as fast as possible at home, you can take them with you and actually enjoy breakfast. Recipe here.

In Norway, where blogger Marion is from, crispbread (or Knekkebrød) is a staple. Follow suit and start eating the seed-and-grain-filled bread for breakfast, preferably with smoked salmon. Recipe here.

Breakfast muffins make a great on-the-go breakfast as you can prepare them the night before, ready to eat in the morning. Our delicious breakfast muffins are healthier than your average muffin, using mashed banana and apple sauce for natural sweetness plus blueberries and seeds for an extra nutritious hit. For a more decadent option, try our easy banana muffins that use buttermilk to make them extra moist and pecans for those buttery healthy fats.

Healthy breakfast ideas can be as hard to pin down as the chaotic British weather. That's why WH are here to tell you, it doesn't have to be that complex. Base your meals on a healthy macronutrient split of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats and you have all the right makings for a proper healthy breakfast.

Not your standard breakfast idea with eggs, but this bowl from the team at Clean & Lean is seriously worth a try. Why? Well, the quinoa and poached egg offer a healthy dose of protein and it's tasty. Winner.

Slightly worse for wear and in need of some warming comfort food Swerve the junk (it'll only make you feel worse) and try this healthy breakfast idea, instead. Roast vine tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and eggs make for a seriously heart-healthy fry up.

Finding a breakfast recipe that is paleo-friendly whilst still bringing on the taste can be hard. Luckily, there are recipes like this one to save the day. Packed with nutrition and with taste, these baked eggs will win you over for sure.

On the hunt for healthy smoothie recipes? Then start your day the right way with this combo from the queen of plant based recipes Deliciously Ella. It's basically vegan Nutella in smoothie form, with the hazelnuts providing heart-healthy fibre and fats, and iron, calcium and zinc from the cacao. Not bad.

Vegans, don't fear: there's a breakfast pancake recipe for all. These buckwheat, arrowroot and coconut milk pancakes are tasty and animal product free. Too fancy? Check out these other vegan pancake recipes.

We could go on and on about why we love superfood Baobab (after all, it is a superfood for a reason) - one of the biggest vit C sources and great for energy production are just a few. But the best part of these ultra-healthy pancakes? They're ultra tasty too.

Ready to start your day the right way? These easy and healthy breakfast meal prep ideas are perfect for busy mornings. Each recipe comes together in around 30 minutes or less and will help you to start your day filled with energy.

But when I started planning my meals, eating a healthy and balanced breakfast became one of my priorities. And there is some evidence that eating earlier in the day helps our blood sugar levels.

MEAL PREP TIP: Did you know you can freeze chia pudding? You can make this delicious breakfast ahead of time and simply put it in the freezer (with fruit and all) for up to a month. If you want to freeze, use fresh fruit. Just remove it the night before and put it in the fridge to defrost.

MEAL PREP TIP: Cook the quinoa (15 to 20 minutes) on Sunday to have a ready-to breakfast in 5 minutes. You can even store it in individual little jars like these. Cooked quinoa will easily last four to five days in the fridge.

Eating healthy food should be delicious! Evergreen Waffles not only packs tons of nutrient but it's completely void of fillers. The frozen breakfast is made with 100 percent whole wheat, flavored by spices, nuts, vegetables and fruits and is free from refined sugar, dairy, or preservatives. Kids will love the current flavors: Peanut Butter & Banana, Zucchini & Carrot, Mixed Berry & Almond and Chocolate Chip & Matcha.

Smoothies are now a cinch. Sow Good's lineup of 11 ready-to-make smoothies not only make whipping up a healthy serving of fruits and veggies your kids will actually eat easy, but the company ethically sources ingredients and is helping to eliminate food waste at the same time. All you have to do is add the freeze-dried ingredients, ice and water then blend to perfection.

Your kids will love starting off their morning routine with these two new options from This Saves Lives. The GranolaPop is perfect for snacking or breakfast with fun flavors like Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate and Cinnamon Sugar. The new Kids Oatmeal also has our top pick, the Rainbow Sprinkles flavor, along with blueberry, apple cinnamon and more. 041b061a72

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