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[S1E23] Unexpected Guest

Gayle discovers quickly that her actions have consequences outside the walls of the White House. Barry blows Gayle's cover, Kyle makes a power grab, the secret service searches for Gayle, Sharon and Nancy learn new information, and Lilly has an unexpected guest.

[S1E23] Unexpected Guest

Sandy's overbearing and obnoxious mother, Sofia "the Nana" Cohen, arrives in Newport Beach to celebrate Passover, but she also brings not only her unattainable attitude, but some bad news that she's dying from cancer. Meanwhile, Ryan searches for Marissa who has gone missing after inadvertently learning about her mother and Luke, and Ryan finds her in the most unexpected of places: at Theresa's house in Chino. Also, Summer tries to impress the Nana by knowing the traditions of Judaism, while Jimmy and Hailey take a step forward with their own newfound romance.

Sophie arrives earlier than expected, and everyone seems terrified. But then, she is unexpectedly kind and greets everyone warmly. In the pool house, Seth tells Ryan that Sophie is acting strange; he is especially confused by how nice she is being to Kirsten. When Seth remarks that it is strange that two people with nothing in common would be so nice to one another, Ryan realizes that Marissa must be in Chino with Theresa.

Following her unexpected departure after three seasons, Hubert found success with an abundance of guest star parts on shows including The Jamie Foxx Show, Friends and Gilmore Girls. She also landed recurring roles on One Life to Live, If Loving You Is Wrong and General Hospital. She has additionally appeared in the films No Letting Go and Proud. 041b061a72

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