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Jared Hayman
Dec 28, 2020
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I will always remember Jared as my best pal. Jared and I were basically attached at the hip as kids. We were born less than two weeks apart. We attended church together. Our Sunday School class was often quoted as the “Jareds”. (There were three or four kids named Jared in the class, so it was easier to just call us “Jareds”). We were a wild and rambunctious group. We drive many of our Sunday School teachers crazy - great times! We loved hanging out at each other's house. I lived in the country. I thought Jared lived in the big city (it was Lafayette, Indiana). It was very exciting for me to come visit him in the “big city.” We would go trick or treating together and bring back garbage bags full of candy, go bike riding, and roam the neighborhood. I always loved Jared coming out to my house. We loved fishing, wading in the creek, building forts in the woods, and just roaming around pretending around the countryside. Great memories. We both hated when our parents would come to pick us up from playing. As many hours as we spent together, I can never remember being upset with each other. We just wanted to be together. I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity to know Jared. He will always be remembered as a true friend that was always there for me. I can’t think about my what life was like as a kid without Jared being part of it.

Jared Hayman

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