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Justin Rich
Dec 28, 2020
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Jared will forever be the the archetype in my psyche of the badass with the heart of gold. My favorite memories of him were when I was a child he would take us for rides on the Harley, and also make really big fireballs in the Bingham's backyard. I also remember him as being the "fun babysitter", in that he would bring our best friends over (Alph, Sabrina, and Rachel) when he was looking after us. Even after not seeing me for a decade, when I was in High School he made the time to come visit us in Texas. I appreciated him letting me hitch a ride with him up to Indy so I could catch up with Alph and the family. I am grateful Jared and I crossed paths in this life, his kindness and authenticity continues to inspire me today.

Justin Rich

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