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Dec 27, 2020
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I will say... after Alph explained about creating this memorial site the other day, I looked through everything last night and saw how beautiful, and how heartbreaking this entire site is, and I wasn't ready to post anything then. But I am now. I met the Bingham family in 2003 (?) when Jared and the boys were building the deck and the house was finished and had nothing in it. I fell in love with this most amazing of families, because they thought like I think, and after a few months of hanging out, I asked them to adopt me, which they did, and which, to anyone that knows them, is the best thing that can happen to anyone on this planet. Jared was living there at the time, and I lived in Mt. Shasta, and we just bonded... we just did... He became like my brother... truly, honestly, deeply....he became like my brother. We just had this thing, this deep love for one another, we just did. It was real and true and deep. I loved him. He loved me. He was always there when I needed help, which, in the mountains, was sometimes often. He always showed up. We just had this thing... I loved him. I didn't know the extent of things. The last time I saw him he finally took me on the motorcycle ride I had been asking for with him since he moved out to Alph and De's a few years before. I'm not a total "wuss" but when we were driving out of their driveway, I asked him, "Please don't go too fast, or I may get scared." He answered, "Well, you might get a little scared." I was ok even with 60 mph on the back roads, but he pushed it to 65 - 75 mph... oh well... that's the way he was! I am so grateful that the last thing I said to him that day, before I left their house, I looked him in the eyes, and I said "I love you Jared, you know that" and he answered "Yes, I know that". (for some reason, for years, we always said that exact same thing to one another every time before we left one another's presence). That's the last time I was able to speak to him, but looking back now, that was the right and only thing to say, and to know... that we loved one another. That's all that matters... that's all that ever matters...


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