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Kevin G Harry
Jul 13, 2021
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Jared, my dear old Twin brother, we parted last because life was bringning me elswhere and the contacts from there were very few, but always thinking it would catch up to us......As the Train hit me today reading Valeries news, I realise now that our next meeting will be With Jerry G and Bob M. How it Pains me to get the news from this distance, but know that I have never stopped talking about our too many adventures and love even if the roads had seperated us by olbligation. I miss you and will Love you till I see you again. You were the Pillar of my happiness for a long time and the motivator behind my present life! You inspired me in so many things thats its hard to consider all of them a this present tormented point. No words will could possibly excuse the fact that I lost touch for so long, with all of you! Know that I will feel this lost till I see you again when my time comes... So Truly sorry Alpheus and Dee and family. Love forever Brother, even if I may not have such at the end, nothing will change that! Because of you I reached for this, I will forever be gratefull xxxx See you old friend xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Kevin G Harry

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