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Jason Morris
Jan 03, 2021
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I had the pleasure of working with Jared for several years in the construction industry. He was a master carpenter and taught me a great deal about home remodeling and custom carpentry. Jared and I often worked long hours in both extreme hot and cold temperatures for some of the contracting jobs he would take on. Whether it was hanging siding, installing windows or building custom cabinets in his workshop, Jared always had a great attitude and helped push the team forward. He was a good leader as well as a good friend. I alao had the opportunity to travel out to one of Jared's favorite places, Mount Shasta, CA, to help him work on the family property, which was an experience I will never forget. Although work was accomplished on this trip, I mainly remember having fun chopping down a massive tree on the property, getting some target practice in with some cool firearms as well trying to keep up with Jared on a snowboard (which I was not very good at 🤣). As life happens, Jared and I lost touch over the years but he is a unique individual that I will always remember. I wanted to share some of these memories as well as a picture of Jared and I from years ago. My thoughts and prayers go out to both Jared and the rest of his family. -Jason Morris

Jason Morris

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